This short animation takes a lighthearted look at a near death experience.

Godspiel was created on an iMac. The script outline and informal script were written using TextEdit. The formal script was written using Write Brothers Screenwriter 6.0.

It was drawn and animated in Anime Studio Pro (ASP) by Smith Micro, which is now Moho. Each shot had its own ASP file. The animation was started in version 8.0. Subsequent versions were used as they became available over about eight months. The last six weeks of animation were completed using version 9.5. All of the images were hand drawn. Certain parts of certain images were traced and adapted.

Sound effects were collected from various live and recorded sources and combined and manipulated in GarageBand. Voicing was done by one person. All of the sound files were mixed in GarageBand. The sound files were then each inserted into their associated shot files.

The final movie was composited and edited in iMovie.

If you're an actor and are interested in revoicing Godspiel or would like a copy of the script to use as a monologue, contact Splashtastic Productions.