Fussy Russy, the pilot episode of Spaceberg is approaching escape velocity. Check this page for updates.

The Spaceberg online comedy series is about Bexley Bueing, a smartass human resources minion of a futuristic conglomerate run by ego-driven executives. In the pilot episode, Bex has the worst day ever when a recalcitrant new hire fights her every step of the way while she struggles with the flaky company software and a whole hierarchy of bosses.

On the set of Fussy Russy

Brian Carlin, actor and AD, starts us off.

Kelli Cayman Rascoe, as Bexley, goes over lines with director Chris Wyatt.

In between sucking down Mexican Cokes, Chris calmly directs the controlled chaos with videographer Rakesh Malik.

Rakesh arranges a shot with Kelli as Bex and Ira Katz as Russ.

Apparently, Ira liked the food.

Colleen Cullen, producer and food service manager, talks with Duncan Star-Boszko and friend.

Adam makes an office using next to nothing.